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The Importance of Books

As the pages of a book are turned, a child's world is broadened. Literature is valuable for many reasons: it sparks children's creativity and imagination; introduces them to new people, places, and ideas; builds their vocabulary and strengthens their use of language; and clarifies difficult situations and troublesome feelings. In short, books help children reach out to the world beyond home and community and perceive an ever-expanding array of possibilities.

Books also foster the attachment between parent and child. Few childhood delights rival snuggling up to mom or dad for a gentle, engaging bedtime story.

Orientations toward books and reading develop early in life. Pleasant, happy experiences with books and stories during the formative years are vital for a continuing love and curiosity into adulthood. The secret to instilling a love of literature in your child is letting your child observe you reading for pleasure and information. If you display interest and enthusiasm, then your child will likely share your affection for the printed word.

Throughout the years of childhood, expose your child to quality books of all kinds: picture, story, rhythm and rhyming, adventure and mystery, fantasy, interpersonal relationships, travel, reference, riddles and puzzles, arts and science. Reading will become a treasured part of your child's life.

Written by Donna Warner Manczak, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Copyright 1999 Clinical Reference Systems