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Clinical Reference Systems: Pediatric Advisor 10.0


      Abdominal Pain (S)                          Stool: Unusual Color of (S) 
      Ampicillin Diarrhea (S)                     Umbilical Cord: Bleeding (S)
      Anal Fissure (S)                            Umbilical Cord: Delayed 
      Constipation (S)                            Separation (S) 
      Diarrhea (S)                                Umbilical Cord: Oozing (S) 
      Feeding, Eating, and Diet (S)               Umbilical Hernia (S) 
      Foreign Body, Swallowed (S)                 Vomiting (S) 
      Gas: Excessive                              Vomiting Diary 
      Motion Sickness (S) 
      Nausea (S) 
      Pinworm (S) 
      Soiling with Constipation: Preschooler 
      Soiling with Constipation: School-Age Child (S)
      Soiling without Constipation 
      Soiling Diary 
      Soiling (Encopresis): Note to School Staff
      Spitting Up (S)
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