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Infant Literature (0 - 18 mo)

Books can be an integral part of your child's life from the beginning. Your newborn will enjoy just hearing your voice, so read aloud your favorite mystery or spy novel while feeding or cuddling with the baby. The interchange between you and your infant is far more important than the actual plot or pictures in a book.

As the baby gets older, read to her on a daily basis. Choose books that are durable (cloth or boardbooks) with bright colors and large simple pictures. Constant repetition of the books will encourage baby's speech and help her to recognize and name familiar objects. She will enjoy feeling the rough and smooth textures found in "touching" books and listening to the lilting sounds of nonsense verse and nursery rhymes. You'll be surprised at how quickly she will learn to join in the rhymes and songs.

If you continue to make reading time fun, your baby will develop a lifelong love for reading and books.

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Written by Kate Capage and Donna Warner Manczak, Ph.D., M.P.H.
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